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Household finances: are things looking up?

9 March 2012

A press release from the Institute for Fiscal Studies, published just yesterday, takes a look at how household finances have changed recently - and what's likely to happen to them over the next few years.

Entitled ' Households with children to lose most from tax and benefit changes in coming year ' - and just two pages long - it's well worth a read.

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Personal debt increasing in 2012

2 March 2012

2012 kicked off with an increase in personal debt levels, the latest figures from the Bank of England tell us , as people borrowed an additional £1.8 billion - most of it secured against property.

The first month of the year saw people in the UK secure an extra £1.6 billion of debt against their property (e.g. mortgages and secured loans).

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British economy 'set back eight years by credit crisis'

24 February 2012

According to analysis by The Economist , the British economy has lost a lot of the progress made in recent years. We have been set back by eight years, following the economic crisis that started nearly five years ago.

The figure of how far we have been set back is calculated by looking at three categories to do with the economy. The first category groups together household wealth, financial-asset prices and property prices. Many households are in debt today and property prices have, in many cases, declined since pre-recession levels - the Economist says British property prices are seven years behind where they 'should' be.

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