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IVAs help the most people - for the 7th quarter in a row

1 February 2013

Again, IVAs have helped more people in England and Wales than either bankruptcy or DROs (Debt Relief Orders).

In the final three months of last year - the fourth quarter - almost 11,000 people entered an IVA to help them deal with unmanageable debts.

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Christmas on credit? Dealing with debt in the New Year.

18 January 2013

It's easy to spend and spend over the Christmas week, determined to enjoy ourselves and worry about the cost later.

Well, it's now 'later'. It's exactly four weeks since millions of us started our Christmas holiday - and now the credit card bills are landing on the doormat, we're facing up to the aftermath of our festive spending.

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Time for personal finance lessons

11 January 2013

When should we learn about personal finance? Doesn't it make sense to understand money before we grow up and have to make important decisions?

We're seeing more calls for financial education in school: teaching pupils about the ins and outs of personal finance, from budgeting and bills to debt and mortgages.

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Latest news

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